Sponsor a Child and Save a Life

Imagine making a personal difference in the life of a child in need. Our organization offers several opportunities, both big and small, to join our movement and get involved. You can see your support have a direct effect through your sponsorship of a child or school. Whether you have a limited budget or are able to marshal the resources of a corporation, we need your financial support. We also need your time and welcome anyone who is able to commit themselves to volunteer with us.

Sponsor a Child or School

One of the biggest problems that children living in poverty face is a lack of parents to care for them. Even with the support of parents, many children are still unable to access basic education. With Feeding Hungry Kids Worldwide you have a chance to go beyond an impersonal donation and create a relationship with a child or school that will last for a lifetime.

Give a Donation

When generous people make donations, they often wonder how much of their money actually goes to the children who need it. You can be confident that your donation with us will make a direct difference where it’s most needed most. We will use your contribution to feed, clothe, and educate children worldwide.

Volunteer With Us

It can be a struggle to find quality ways to spend your time making a difference. At Feeding Hungry Kids Worldwide, we have many opportunities to do just that with a team of dedicated and compassionate individuals. We need volunteers with all sorts of different backgrounds and skills, so we will be able to find a place for you and your family.

Corporate Sponsorship

It takes an incredible amount of resources and logistics to get food and medicine to children who need it in the developing world. This can often exceed what individual donors can offer. If your corporation or business has an interest in using some of its resources to make a difference in the world, we can offer you a powerful way to financially assist in critical efforts to help care for children in need.