About Feeding Hungry Kids Worldwide

Children around the world need your help. They need us to help them live to see another day, and a brighter future. We are working to fight child hunger, prevent malnutrition, and improve the lives of boys and girls worldwide. Everything we give or do counts towards their wellbeing, and our organization is committed to making every child life matter.

 Our Founder’s Story

My name is Rita Walker. I was a refugee from Liberia. During my time there, a lot of innocent children were killed due to the unbelievable things I encountered pertaining to humans lives. By the grace of God, I escaped. I left Liberia and went to my homeland Ghana in a refugee camp. In the camp, there were so many children with no parents. They had no place to sleep, nowhere to go, and no food to eat. I experienced suffering, panic, and pain in the process. No one should ever have to experience anything like this.

I believe in God Almighty, and I feel that people should treat each other equally with sincere love and dignity. I created this organization to spread this equality and to help all children and underprivileged families find happiness. Children and underprivileged families deserve to have all the comfort and safety that can be provided. All children should be free from sickness and burdens. With your assistance, we want to give them food, fresh drinking water, and a place that they can call home.

Having the opportunity to come to the United States, I’ve decided I should get back to my roots and start an organization to help those still suffering. This is my passion. I created this organization so we all can do our part to help save humanity. I invite you to join me in our mission to give children chances to live happy and fulfilling lives.